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Digital Process Training

Digital Ad Operations & Campaign Management | Marketing Intelligence & Developing ROI Reporting Models

Ad Operations

Digital Process Training

Developing sound practices and processes in:

  • Digital Ad Operations & Campaign Management

    Ad Operations 101, Ad Operations Processes, Media Planning & Buying, QA Processes, Deployment & Tracking

  • Marketing Intelligence & Developing ROI Reporting Models

    Campaign Reporting, Tag Management, Reporting Analyses, Media Convergence & ROI Campaign Reporting

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Digital Ad Operations Training

Ad Operations 101, Media Planning & Buying, Ad Operations Processes & QA Processes

Our training in digital ad operations covers topics such as media buying, media scheduling, campaign QA and campaign intelligence setups. The topics aim to build sound ad operation practices within any organisation to provide a more effective and efficient digital marketing environment for your brand.

Campaign Management Training

Campaign Setups, Audience Research, Campaign Deployment & Campaign Optimisation

Your campaign management and optimisations form the basis of a great performing campaign. These sessions cover initial campaign setup and research, to day to day campaign management and optimisation. Campaigns need to be continually monitored, preferably in an automated manner, due to the fast paced nature of the internet.

Marketing Intelligence Training

Using your Data, Setting up Goals, Tracking Events & Sharing Cross-Channel Data

The benefit of digital marketing is the vast amount of data at your disposal. Campaign reporting and site analytics need to be aligned with business or marketing goals as the first step to developing any kind of performance or KPI measurement for your brand. We focus on marketing intelligence to unlock the power of your data.

Developing ROI Reporting Models

Channel Efficiencies, Influences, Audience Interaction, Lead Generation & Conversions

In these hands-on sessions, our consultants will work with you to analyse your data and develop marketing intelligence with a focus to establishing ROI for your marketing activities. These sessions are key to developing advanced capacity for the analyses and optimisation of your marketing channels and activities.