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Digital Marketing Consultancy

Business and Marketing services | Research and Analyses reports

Bespoke Engagement

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Our consultancy offering provides tailored analyses, research and strategy for your brand. These services include:

  • Business & Marketing Services

    On-site consultancy,  resource vetting, process reviews, business plan reviews, digital marketing strategy reviews and digital marketing strategies

  • Research & Analyses

    Market Analyses, Market & Audience Research, Competitor Analysis and Media Planning. These are provided as take-away dossiers after a presentation on our key findings

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Business Services

Building Capacities & Processes

Developing sound business and marketing processes, including business goal alignment, lead flow process, sales flow and customer life cycles. We provide quality capability generation by vetting new potential hires, ensuring their knowledge and understanding of digital marketing meets global requirements.

Marketing Services

Marketing Reviews & Strategies

Reviews of current marketing strategies and campaign setups. We aim to identify campaign optimisation needs and reporting improvements for any existing ROI model in place. Without the existence of such, strategies to develop ROI models are imperative to initial marketing intelligence.


Market & Audience Research

Research into a brands current or planned market environment, including cost projection with short, mid and long-term budgeting suggestions. The reports provide insight into your potential or expected return within that market. We additionally locate and identify new and relevant audiences for brands to utilise via the most cost-effective digital medium.


Market & Competitor Analyses

Reviews of your current marketing environment, your reach and the reach of your competitors. We aim to identify niche areas for audience expansion and increased share of voice. Strategies are focused on competing with your competitors through an increased share of voice via PPC, search engines and social platforms.