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Customer Visibility

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Customer Visibility

Customer Visibility seems to be the holy grail of Digital Marketing and one we get asked for all the time. Who are my customers and what do they want? How do I reach out to these potential customers and what works with them? What marketing methods are most effective for a particular type of user and how well do I know who they are?

Goal Orientated Vision

Attribution is more of a head-ache these days then it was even a year ago. There are so many technology providers in the landscape, that choosing the best fit for your business goals seems like a daunting task. You cannot start to solve this challenge without having a good insight and set milestones for your established Goal Orientated Vision.

What needs to happen, and seldom does, is a holistic approach to overall business goals and definition of the key metrics needed to measure performance or any SLA’s set for the business unit. Whether your goal is to drive traffic, increase e-commerce sales, drive lead generation, download and actively us an App, or even en all of these combined – understanding these goals sets you up for quality attribution across channels later on. Customer Visibility cannot be developed without a clear idea of where you are going and what you need to be focussing on.

What’s next?

Once a clear goal (or goals) are defined, one needs to look at the feature sets required to accomplish those goals. If you are looking at driving cross-platform experience, start with a technology that can bring all those together. If user experience on-site is key, look towards technologies that can bring that type of content management and testing into play. Better yet, if you can meet all your needs within one stack of technologies provided by the same supplier, your already on the right track since you will then be comparing apples with apples.

Quality Data for Actionable Insights

In finality, quality data sources from as few technology providers as possible, to cover your entire business needs for Digital Marketing, gives you the best data platform for attribution. Pushing that data into a 3rd party tool or consuming it directly from the source is made more powerful and more accurate through the careful selection of your technology stack and the alignment of counting methodologies within that environment.

How can we help?

At Trend Digital, we breath Digital. Marketing attribution is a crucial factor when trying to attain customer visibility and marketing insights. Visit our Digital Marketing Strategy page and find out how we can help you.

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