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The App Bandwagon

It is so easy these days to jump on the App bandwagon, that many times companies launch Apps that either fail or fail horribly. There are a few key points to keep in mind when developing one for your brand:


How easy will it be to get hold of it and will it available for all main mobile devices. A concerted marketing initiative to drive initial visibility should be well complemented with availability across all major mobile manufacturers.


Will the App provide a service that users historically need to go to your website for. Why would the user want to interact with this app daily? What can this app do for them that they cannot get elsewhere?


How easy will it be to use the App and consume content? Avoiding multiple pages and trying to stick to one, collapsible pages (for example) is key. Does the user need one hand or two? How fast is the tool? How much of the content/usage relies on http requests?


What potential opportunities are there to generate revenue from the App (e.g. subscriptions or advertising). Single once-off payments, monthly subscriptions or free versions with in-App Advertising – you should attempt to make as many available as possible, each speaks to a specific user and works better with that type of user.


What feature or service will distinguish the App enough to ensure that users continue to use it multiple times a day. If it is used a few times a year or perhaps for a once off promotion – is it the most cost effective use for your budget?

With these key items in mind, a company can be better suited to determine whether it will be a success and whether it is worth the resources it will take to build, launch and market the App to users.

How can we help?

At Trend Digital, we breath Digital. A successful app encompasses usability and monetization – we can guide you on the road towards a successful App launch. Visit our page and find out how we can help you.

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